Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy’s Little Girl

As told to Yewande Austin /// Pretty girl is what they always call me. A badge of honor for most girls on the covers of magazines, but for me it stings, “Pretty girl. Hey, pretty girl. She’s such a pretty girl.” ‘Cause what they don’t know, can’t know, don’t wanna know is that’s what he […]

A Matter of Trust

As told to Desmonique and Ravane and performed by Little Debbie Youth from Playmaking for Girls CHARACTERS: QUEEN TRUTH TERESA CHRISTOPHER   SCENE 1-      A New York City street by the bus station. QUEEN is walking with her suitcase when TRUTH pulls up beside her in a nice car.   TRUTH:         Hey, Beautiful. You look […]

Souls for Sale

As told to Soul Scribe the Poet /// When do little girls learn about the power between their legs? Is it when their sibling’s bellies are swollen and need to be fed? Urban communities breed neglected little boys and girls, leaving them hopeless. No hope for a better tomorrow. Beautiful children’s eyes filled with so […]

Remain Me | Rose’s Story

As told to Chaquis Maliq My song “Remain Me” speaks about my mind and its fantasy. It doesn’t speak in depth of any particular pain, but expresses how my decision to block damages of my past from keeping me from my true self. My therapy was within me and has always been; therefore I’m fine […]


As told to Alphonso “A’Qen-Aten” Jackson /// P . . . I . . . M . . . P . . . Profitability . . . In . . . Marketing . . . People . . . Yeah, that’s me . . . Or, maybe . . . I should say was, ’cause […]

Dear Mom and Dad

As told to Jeff Perri Dear Mom and Dad, There were two defining moments from my childhood that molded me into the person you see before you. The first was the exact moment I knew I liked boys the way I was supposed to like girls. The summer between my 6th and 7th grades, I […]

What I Didn’t Know – An Open Letter About My Experience

By Audrey Galex I don’t even know why I went to the screening of a documentary on the buying and selling of kids for sex, because I walked out not even half way through. Went home and hugged my kids. I closed my eyes. I covered my ears. I shut my mouth. Maybe the problem […]

Do Something

Do Something

As told to meeK –The Pedophile,The Pimp and the Sex Slave– There is no rest At the TRUCK STOP Red Light District on Wheels Children on their knees fulfilling the urges of pedophiles The Abducted, neglected or run away child is now a grown mans slave To us they are still just Babies Your Uncle, […]

Ending Atlanta’s Traffic Problem begins with Breaking the Silence

  I was surprised when Atlanta artist Flora Rosefsky approached me today at the annual meeting of Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta, insisting she had to talk with me about something she’d become angry and passionate about:  You have to know, she told me — Atlanta is Number One as a child sex trafficking city […]

Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month: Step One – Awareness

  You don’t have to do much. Really. Just taking one step is a good start. Step One: Become Aware of the Signs. Know what to look for. Even in Nevada, where prostitution is legal in rural counties, the Attorney General has posted a list of possible warning signs of human trafficking.  Among them are […]